Enterprise Resource Planning

Getting Your Organization On The Path To Success


To deliver technology solutions that solve complex problems in a simplified way.


Bill Mohamed is the President and Founder of Capstone ERP Consulting, LLC.


We deliver Information Technology solutions that transform your organization from legacy to future state.

“We deliver Information Technology solutions that touch every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to leading companies in diverse sectors such as business services, government, finance, software development, risk management, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, higher education, and manufacturing. We secure multi-year engagements and strive to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.”

Improve your business today.

As a minority owned and operated firm, we have been providing business analysis, change management, and technical training support for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementations at leading companies in diverse industry sectors for over 20 years.


Phone: (917) 392-1104
Fax: (703) 448-5980
[email protected]
DUNS#  06-383-4868
CAGE Code: 6WVL6


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